At Gil’s Specialist coatings we think customer service is paramount. All of our field staff have an automotive, industrial, technical or distribution background. We offer a range of service levels depending on the requirements of the customer. These include impress stock if required, daily, twice daily and emergency delivery services, which are available to all business sectors. Our service is tailored to the customers needs.

A member of our sales team will be available to call on the customer on a weekly basis to discuss requirements, special offers, new products etc. Orders can be placed between 8:30am and 5pm by telephone, or by fax and email anytime at our branches.

We also offer a quarterly business review where management reports are available for an up to date business analysis showing everything from purchasing trends to individual purchases and costings. All customers are emailed VOC and waste management reports on a monthly basis.

At Gil’s we are continuously sourcing new and innovative products, helping our customers save time and money in all areas, not just paints, coatings and consumables. From the car park all the way through the business, as shown in the bodyshop department overview.

Department Overview


Line marking paint, locks, signage, wall mounted ashtrays.


Signage, literature, business marketing products, first aid kit, photo copy paper, waste bins.


Toilet paper, hand towel, bleach, soap, hand creams etc. Bin bags, mops and buckets, floor brush and shovel, air freshener, furniture polish and cloths, vacuum cleaner.


PPE, air bag storage, air con units, tool boxes complete with hand, power and air tools. Storage boxes, airlines with regulators connectors, nuts bolts clips etc. Ramps (2 and 4 post), beam setter, 4 wheel alignment, tyre machine, wheel balancer, plastic galvanised and/or wheel bins, floor brushes and shovel, health and safety info.


PPE, ramps (2 and 4 post), Inverta and Mig welders, plasma cutters, tool boxes complete with hand, power and air tools. Storage boxes, extraction system, airlines with regulators connectors, consumable products, work benches, bench grinders, pillar drills, storage cabinets, health and safety info.


PPE, branded paint with mixing equipment, signage, eye wash station, water and solvent gun cleaners, health and safety info.


PPE, compliant spray guns, bumper and panel stands, trestles, airlines with regulators, connectors, extraction system, health and safety info.


PPE, tool boxes complete with hand, power and air tools. Storage boxes, airlines with regulators, connectors, nuts, bolts etc. Wire fuses, greases, sprays and general lubricants. Go jacks, floor jacks, rags, cloths, hand wipes, skin board. Transmission and engine, lifts, booster packs, health and safety info.


Wet and dry vacuums, pressure cleaners, valeting machines, sponges, buckets, cloths, paper wipes, wheel brushes, chamois, valeting chemicals, health and safety info.


Wall board, notice board, key cabinet, key tags, vehicle marking, health and safety info.